Modest Movement


At Modest movement, where ancient healing meets modern well-being! We are delighted to introduce you to the art and science of Hijama, a time-honoured therapy that has been trusted for centuries across cultures. We bring you the benefits of Hijama, a therapeutic technique rooted in traditional medicine. Our expert licensed practitioners combine ancient wisdom with contemporary practices to provide you with a holistic and rejuvenating experience.

Wet cupping

The therapy involves creating suction on the skin to promote blood flow, relieve muscle tension, and potentially address various health issues. Wet cupping takes the practice a step further by combining cupping with a controlled and minimal incision.

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Hijama Packages

Introductory Wellness Package

£ 40
  • Initial consultation with a certified Hijama practitioner
  • Basic wet cupping session focusing on key areas of concern
  • Aftercare advice and recommendations
  • Duration: 1 session

Stress Relief and Relaxation Package

£ 60
  • Stress assessment and consultation
  • Wet cupping session targeting stress-related areas (e.g., neck, shoulders, upper back)
  • Additional relaxation techniques incorporated into the session
  • Aftercare tips for stress management
  • Duration: 1 session

Pain Management Package

£ 60
  • In-depth consultation to identify specific pain-related concerns
  • Targeted wet cupping session for pain relief (e.g., back pain, joint pain)
  • Follow-up session to monitor progress and adjust the treatment plan if needed
  • Aftercare advice for ongoing pain management
  • Duration: 2 sessions

Holistic Health Renewal Package

£ 70
  • Comprehensive health assessment and consultation.
  • Full wet cupping session covering multiple areas for more thorough detoxification.
  • Follow-up session for additional support and assessment.
  • Aftercare guidance including dietary and lifestyle recommendations.
  • Duration: 2 sessions

Customised Detoxification Package

£ 150
  • Personalised health assessment and goal setting.
  • Tailored wet cupping session based on individual health needs.
  • Dietary and lifestyle recommendations for detoxification.
  • Follow-up sessions to track progress and make adjustments.
  • Incl free 10min massage for first session
  • Duration: 3 sessions

Each treatment up to 45 minute