f you choose us, we will send you a contract which is including all details of your puppy (birth date, color, all of vaccinations, gender, microchip number, pictures of your new puppy in the contract).
In this way, we making you sure that you will receive the puppy that you have chosen. Before your purchase we are sending you our Health Guarantee.

French Bulldog puppies of Jessica French Bulldog provenance are unrivalled for care, looks and health.



As wonderful as breeding is there are many genetic disorders that can be detrimental to a dog’s and it’s owner’s life. A pup’s health, temperament and appearance are determined by the genes passed on by their parents and bloodline. In our breeding program we only select French Bulldogs from the highest and healthiest quality. Our happy, playful and adorable puppies are chosen from champion bloodline with perfect genetical attributes, sticking to the AKC standard sizes.
We raise Blues, Blacks, Fawns, and Brindles. We breed for temperament, size and overall general health. Our Frenchies are very quality breed. We strive to raise the best pups that we can so that we can make other families as happy with our pups as we are with them !


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